HTA is the systematic evaluation of properties, effects and/or impacts of health policy, and health technologies and interventions. The assessment is conducted by interdisciplinary groups using explicit analytical frameworks, drawing on clinical, epidemiological, health economic, social, ethical issues, and other information and methodologies.

Mahidol University will offer the new world-class postgraduate program on HTA in the academic year 2016. The program receives collaboration from several distinguished faculties of Mahidol University

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  • " We live more than 160 million people in the country in a small piece of land. Despite many limitations, economy of our country is improving. HTA is a multi-disciplinary course and I gain a lot of knowledge from this course, This knowledge will bring benefits to public and society. "

    Mohammad Sabbir Haider

  • " thanks to the knowledge and practical experience gained from HTA program in Mahidol University, I have made several initial contributions for HTA development in the country "

    Ong The Due

  • " I feel honored to be accepted to this program because,to my view, this program is well arranged and mostly important the broad supportive network that also well known Internationally HTA institution "

    Ully Adhie Mulyani

  • " Through this program I was able to build good international links through my classmates which gave me an opportunity to build a network for future research collaboration "

    Anne Julienne M. Genuino

  • " This program gives an opportunity to interact and learn the HTA methods and experiences of experts from Thailand as well as from other part of the country through lectures, seminars, workshops and attending the study tours as well as in International conferences during the MU-HTA program "

    Bhavani Shankara Bagepally

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